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These people usually prefer if somebody makes decisions for them. Ascendant in Scorpio — Descendant in Taurus Characteristics, Meanings, Compatibility People with Scorpio on the Ascendant need to fight against dark and destructive power in their life.


For some, this power can also come from within, in the form of jealousy, envy or lust for power. The dark and hidden things in the soul must come out. It can be reflected in artwork, for example.

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Ascendant in Sagittarius — Descendant v Gemini Characteristics, Meanings, Compatibility One part of your nature heads up for the noble goals while the other part is controlled by earthy and animal instincts. The life of these people may be accompanied by a constant search for something that is very difficult to achieve. Even before reaching the goal they see another one that is just as difficult to achieve. People with Sagittarius Ascendant are full of passion and they need to use this energy and enthusiasm.

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  7. Ascendant in Capricorn — Descendant in Cancer Characteristics, Meanings, Compatibility People with Capricorn Ascendant must first become aware of their two opposing sides. One is obedience and performing their duties properly. They need to manage energy well and this requires discipline and self-control.

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    They must achieve some social prestige and recognition. The other side is the ability to organize practical matters and achieve their goals, and also the ability to enjoy sensual pleasures.

    Ascendant in Aquarius — Descendant in Leo Characteristics, Meanings, Compatibility People with Aquarius Ascendant are capable of seeing everything, including themselves from a distant, impersonal viewpoint. They have greater understanding of social undertone than of personal approach.

    In their life they cope better if they have a hope in better future for all mankind. They may be victims who are trying to escape from an adverse situation in various ways.

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    They can have artistic souls, draw from their rich imagination and express themselves creatively. Or they can be saviours who dedicate their lives to serving others and who try to alleviate their suffering. Seek users by nickname. Seek users by astro signs.

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