Earth horse in chinese astrology

As honest stallions, they are the first to acknowledge their failures and the lessons learned.

The Horse woman in love: The Horse woman is set on fire quickly She needs a partner with experience and with enough fortune to attract and keep her wild nature between four walls. She loves older partners when young, but when she is older, her preference could tip toward younger beaus.

The one that understands how fast she changes her mind -- and can laugh about it -- is the one for her. The Horse man in love: The Horse man loves passionately and is good at attracting romance To understand a Horse man you need to be nearly psychic yourself. The Horse man loves tender love games Learn more about the Horse in relationships!

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Horses are best of all the signs at making money in a self-employed situation. They have their own work rhythm and ideas about how to best achieve success.

They are quick to invest money in their companies and their projects. They want the best of everything and they love to travel -- building a nest egg is just not their forte. Horses are good with money and, of course, have a passion for travel. Paradoxically, Horses desire love, which can lead them to feel ensnared.

Chinese Zodiac Horse 12222 | Year Summary

The rawness of their sex appeal is like a magnet and makes it easy for Horses to find love. Horses are skilled at the art of seduction.

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  • However, their relationships are unpredictable because their behavior is so erratic and they may flee without notice. Blessed with a keen wit and powerful presence, Horses love to show off to a crowd. Despite the strength of their being, Horses feel inferior to those around them.