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Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. And everyone was saying astro. Source s :. Add a comment. Horoscopes Cafe Astrology. There are glitches in some of these programs. I have found only two websites that seem to be always accurate. Try calculating your chart here. For instance, it was out by an hour in its calculation of my own birth chart. I'm a professionally-certified astrologer of over 40 years and the daughter of an astrologer , having learned how to do the chart calculations long before there were computers to do it quickly.

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They want to make sure you have to call them and pay more if you have more questions. My point is that you are not getting a good explanation of yourself or what may occur in your future if some storekeeper just reads you the pages printed out on a laptop and puts no thought into it. Make sure you go to someone who knows how to read the info because they have studied astrology themselves. It is actually a very good starting point for a beginner in interpretation, but is vital information for anyone who reads the horoscope.

Astrological Ascendants or Rising Signs

The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the degree of the astrology sign that was on the horizon within a two hour window of your birth. If you know what your ascendant is, and cannot resist a peek at your horoscope in an article in a newspaper or magazine, you may find reading the information meant for your rising Sign and birth sign may be more accurate. But many people think the location of the Sun at your birth is all astrology is about.

Those newspaper horoscopes were made a feature during World War Two, to cheer people up who had loved ones away fighting. So I hope you will learn not to rely on substandard information, as my goal is to teach you the real facts about astrology. There are also legitimate astrologers who write columns, you just have to research them to find out who they are. Since the ascendant is located on the cusp of the first house of your horoscope, it can give information about your appearance. It will reveal anything that really stands out about you, such as your kind of complexion, whether you are tall and thin, or if you have a physical handicap.

The general attitude or stronger personality traits that people feel when they first meet you is the ascendant at work. Let us take this opportunity to understand what an ascendant in each astrology sign may tell us. Aries Rising —A person with Aries rising is generally outgoing and friendly, someone who will begin a conversation before you do. They are temperamental, but forgive and forget very quickly. They are very generous in giving compliments.

They often put their foot in their mouth without meaning to, as they are blunt and do not think a lot before they speak. They are impulsive and will act swiftly in most situations. Aries rising people are restless and like to be the leaders in any endeavor. They normally have ruddy or rosy complexions and may have a scar on the face.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Taurus Rising —A person with a Taurus ascendant is one who always seems calm no matter what is going on. If they are upset or worried about what is happening, they do not show it at all. They are gentle and kindhearted, always dispensing sensible advice. They are people who give you all their attention when you speak.

They do not talk just to chit-chat, reserving words for when there is something worthwhile to say. They are sincere, trustworthy, and reliable. They give off a vibration that everything is under control. They are usually short or middle in stature, and many of them have really nice lips! Gemini Rising —You will find this to be a very curious person always investigating or experimenting with something. They can concentrate on two or more things at one time, though this can make them excitable and impatient with others who cannot keep up with them mentally.

They have nervous dispositions, and like to be constantly busy. They are intelligent with great verbal skills. This is someone who cannot stay still for long, who must keep moving.

October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Sagittarius

This person tends to be tall and thin, and will move or walk quickly. They have long fingers and nice looking hands. Cancer Rising —These people are the mothers of the zodiac, so they are caring people who will try to take care of you or to resolve whatever the problem is at the time. They are changeable and can easily adapt to different environments, so they love to travel.

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They tend to end up in the public eye in some way, although they seem to have retiring personalities. They have psychic abilities and an interest in the occult, strong emotions, and can read others well. They are gentle and pleasant, and act much shyer than they really are. These are family oriented people, who like history and rarely forget anything.

They often have round faces moon faces and like all water signs, must watch their weight. They can easily charm their way into your affections. Leo Rising —Those with a Leo ascendant are forceful, frank, good natured and generous people. They like to be independent and carry themselves with a noble air. They inspire hope and good will among people and are usually likable leaders.

They are philosophical and have high ideals, often getting involved in philanthropic work when their sympathies are aroused. They have sunny and passionate natures, and are very demonstrative when interacting with others. They carry themselves with grace and normally are active in some kind of sport. People with a Leo ascendant normally wear expensive clothes and jewelry. Virgo Rising —A person with Virgo rising is normally a brainy, intelligent one who is rather chatty and can communicate very well with others. They love to learn and have active minds.

They are worriers who try to take good care of their health, putting much care into hygiene and seriously researching the kind of diet they eat. They are hard working and give great attention to details, approaching any project in a very methodical and orderly manner. They are also very modest and thoughtful people. They are cautious and prudent in their own affairs. They are diplomatic, reliable and frugal with money.

They put a great amount of forethought into whatever they do.

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People with this ascendant are usually of medium height, with curious eyes that do not miss much, perhaps wearing glasses. Libra Rising —A Libra ascendant is a dramatic person who loves to be the center of attention. They are normally easy to get along with, and well liked by others.

They show fondness for beauty, art, music, literature, makeup, fashion design, or interior decorating. These people like harmony and peace, and feel more comfortable if surrounded by neatness and order.

Sagittarius 12222 Love Horoscope

They are ambitious and like to lead, but do not like to get their hands dirty. They are usually busy social butterflies that love to go out often and be with other people. These people generally have a dimple somewhere not always on the face! They prefer to do things in partnerships.